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Welcome to Bithourfunds.com. We are an organization focused on the cryptocurrency market. We can make the most amazing profits in the digital currency trading movement.

Bithourfunds Limited is registered in Hong Kong, our main business involves cryptocurrency automatic trading and trust management services are carried out on a legal basis. We allocate our investments to various portfolios, participate in the mining of cryptocurrencies and earn profits from them. We have made tremendous progress since our inception.
By Join us and you can start accumulating money hourly with other investors, earning faster and more stable returns with simple passive income.

Bithourfunds Limited

8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong


Feature Deals

Our Investment Plans


1.12% - 1.25%

hourly for 92 hours

Min Deposit : $10

Max Deposit: $999

Ref.Commission : 3%

Instant Payment

Principle Included


4% - 9%

hourly for 48 hours

Min Deposit : $800

Max Deposit: $4999

Ref.Commission : 5%

Instant Payment

Principle Included


10% - 19%

hourly for 24 hours

Min Deposit : $3000

Max Deposit: $200000

Ref.Commission : 10%

Instant Payment

Principle Included

  • Investment Amount
  • Choose plan
  • Hourly profit %
  • Hourly profit in $

Feature Deals

Our core strengths

Safe System

Safe working site: SSL-certificate + DDOS-protection. Your funds are safe and secure.

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Our Portfolio is diversified and taken care of by the most skilled crypto analyst and traders.

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Fast Support

We provide 24/7 customer support via email. our support representative can always answer any questions.

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You can have any number of deposits at the same time and increase your revenue.

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Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it ! No waiting for your payments ! Every payment is Instant !

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A platform that accepts funds in trust management and pays income in automatic mode.

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